When Did Spotify Come Out

You’re probably asking the question, “When was Spotify created?” The music streaming platform was created in 2006. However, the negotiations with the record spotify saves kopen companies to obtain the licenses for the songs delayed its public launch for more than two years. Well, that must have been some serious negotiations! At its launch on October 7, 2008, Spotify was conceived as an application to listen to music online on a computer.

It was initially only available for some European countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Users could access millions of songs without downloading anything. Of course, they had to invite you if you wanted to access the application for free. Otherwise, you had to pay for a subscription. But, with the appearance of the iPhone and Android smartphones, they realized that if they wanted to be great, they had to be within reach of users.So, in 2009 they created a mobile app so that users could take music on their smartphones. They also made the Premium version, which they have maintained until today, along with the Free version.They worked for two years, and in 2008 Spotify was born. The significant investments and the conquest of the world arrived.