Tiktok’s Impact On Sales

The growth of TikTok has been phenomenal. The user growth that they have achieved in only 4 years, took Facebook almost 7 years. Marketing on TikTok is becoming a must-have for brands. Still we can tiktok follower kaufen günstig see that the challenge for TikTok (as it was for Facebook and every other social media app) is to make the shift from attracting an audience to attracting enough advertisers to make it a sustainable business. After all, advertising makes the World Wide Web go round.

According to a dataset collated by Wolfgang Digital, it’s evident that while spend on TikTok has increased by 800% YoY, it’s still only a fraction of the amount spent with Meta (5% to be precise). Advertiser adoption has been slow, but is accelerating rapidly.In this study, the Engagement rate on TikTok ads is 835% higher than Meta. This is likely due to the authentic nature of the ads on the platform, where they often don’t look like ads which leads to a far higher opportunity for audience engagement.

Your chances of driving comments and shares are far higher on TikTok but one of the interesting features of this data is that users on Meta are almost three times more likely to actually click on an ad. So, why is that?Perhaps another reason is that the TikTok algorithm is particularly good at showing users content they like or want so that users can’t bear to leave the app. The TikTok lost hour is real.