The Web’s Best Music Streaming Sites

Apparently, the music industry is currently in crisis. Illegally file-sharing leaked albums is hitting the bottom line of artists and record labels hard. They are therefore resorting to more buy spotify followers uk creative methods to control the distribution of their new music. A favoured tactic seems to involve to giving their music away for free – Beady Eye recently made their first single available via a free download, for instance. As well as helping them control the flow of their new music, this also provides added marketing benefits in the future – obtaining email addresses and demographic information of their fans.

The most popular method used to fight the webs effects, though, is to play the same game and seize control of a new releases online hype (blogs music reviews etc…). Music streaming websites have now become the favourite place to legitimately listen to your favourite artist’s new album or single for free and, in most cases, before its official release.