Spotify Adds Auto-Generated Transcripts For Podcasts

Spotify is rolling out a new feature that offers auto-generated transcripts for podcasts, letting users read along while they listen. This transcription facility will be available to millions of podcast episodes in the next few weeks for both free and premium users. Spotify plans to keep improving this feature in the future, even adding media to transcripts, as part of their mission to bring more depth to podcast listening experiences.

Beyond transactions, Spotify is also launching a Podcast Chapters feature, making it easy for mobile podcast listeners to jump to specific topics or sections nederlandse spotify streams kopen within an episode. Podcasters can add time-stamped chapters to their shows that describe each segment briefly, so listeners can preview topics or start listening at specific points. The full list of chapters can be viewed by scrolling down the Now Playing section. This new feature gives users more control over their listening sessions.

Spotify’s auto-transcription feature follows the recent addition of an AI-generated voice cloning tool that translates podcasts into several languages. The new feature also comes as the company looks for ways to compete with platforms like YouTube Music and TikTok.By enhancing user experience and accessibility with auto-generated transcripts as well as Podcast Chapters, Spotify aims to solidify its place in the market and draw more users to its platform.