Share Liked Songs On Spotify

Have you noticed that there’s no “Share” option on your Liked Songs list on Spotify? You’re not alone! But don’t worry—it’s easy to share your Liked Songs with friends. If you’re using a PC or Mac, you can use the Spotify desktop app to copy your Liked Songs to a playlist that’s shareable. If you’re using the Spotify mobile app, a Chromebook, or the web app, you can spotify playlist likes kaufen use a free tool called Share Liked Songs that creates a shareable playlist for you. You can even make your new Liked Songs list public so it’s visible on your profile. This wikiHow article will teach you the easiest ways to share Liked Songs on Spotify with friends.

The Liked Songs list is not shareable as it is, but you can copy the songs to a playlist and make it public and shareable.If you’re using a computer, you can select all Liked Songs in the desktop app and drag them to a new playlist. If you’re using Spotify on your phone, tablet, or in a web browser, it’s not possible to copy Liked Songs to a new playlist like in the desktop app. Share Liked Songs is a free tool developed by a Spotify listener to help users create a playlist from their Liked Songs that’s easy to share, even if you’re not using the desktop app.It’s not possible to select all Liked Songs on the mobile or web app, but you can use a free tool called Share Liked Songs to create and share your Liked Songs list.