Kebabs are no longer king: snack packs are now the best seller at your local kebab shop

Thanks to the internet and social media influencers, the HSP has taken over as the number one selling item at all kebab joints across Australia and kebab shop owners are struggling to keep up with the demand of the mighty Halal Snack Pack!

A simple box of fries topped with either chick or lamb doner meat, cheese, garlic sauce and chilli sauce onced over looked on the menu is now the number one seller.

People travel far and wide to eat and review the HSP. Websites have been created specifically for the humble dish, Facebook groups and pages have 100’s and 1,000’s of members who discuss and rate each others feeds.

A version of the HSP has moved from the white biodegradable or foam snack box packs to good old fashioned pizza boxes. Double/Triple the meat and shared between friends is the best way to down a HSP.

“I’ve never seen so many young people from different cultures eating together, sitting together, forget everything, forget politics, just come in and eat a legendary HSP.” says the owner from Rambo’s Kebabs in Melbourne.

“People are now asking for them overseas.” But even if you do find a HSP outside of Australia, it won’t be comparable, he says. “Australian meat is the best, and so is our kebab machine technology.”